Thursday, October 9, 2008

Long Term food storage pt.1

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Anonymous said...

I find your storage videos very useful. I wonder if you could give an example long term plan. Like list different types of foods to look out for and how long they last. Online I read whole grain rice goes bad very quickly. Is that only if not stored properly. Thanks

Bob said...

Whole grain white rice will last many years. Even if not packed as we have shown. The main issue you may run into is bugs. We show that problem in one of our food results movies on the youtube channel.

A basic plan would use basic grains white rice, beans of choice, white and red wheat and pasta, along with dried milk and some form of protein aka- TVP. You could also add in freeze dried or dehydrated #10 cans of veggies,meats and fruits to round things out. As we spoke about in our other blog entry a basic short term set up would also help with supplementing the LTS program.


Anonymous said...

I've searches all over for feed wheat and have called several places to find it with no luck.
I live in Minnesota where there
are food coops that sell organic
wheat but at a high price. Where in Minnesota can I find feed wheat?

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with finding wheat and beans in bulk. Locally anyway. I dont know what a good price is even if I find it. Right now has alot of products with $5 shipping on total order. I havent ordered any yet but I may soon. Pinto beans average about $1.50 a pound. Is that a good price? Its basically the same price as a supermarket just in 25 lb bags. Hard Red Wheat is about a Buck a pound. Is that a good price? Can it be had cheaper?
I am a newbie to Long Term Storage. I always had 6 months plus of food. Things seem on the edge lately in this country, so I am going to prep for long term. I have a family to look out for.
I am in South Jersey.
Oh. Bob. Great videos and information. Priceless.

kom said...

Hi there,
We really appreciate your information/videos and have used your food storage techniques successfully. One question however. We received some 5 gal buckets from our local university kitchen that were used to store pickles. We use heat-sealed mylar bags as you suggested, but we're leary about using these buckets for our grain & rice storage even w/the mylar just because it's been impossible to remove the odor (tried baking soda washes, vinegar & an odor removal product to no avail). Should we be concerned with odor transfer or even better, do you have a suggestion for getting the smell of pickles out of these buckets. Thanks very much for your comments or suggestions.